• What does the Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology allow making? What type of construction materials may be created with Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology?
    The Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology is a vibration casting technology which allows creating construction materials with a surface imitating a natural marble pattern. Materials used in the process are cement, sand and gravel. The Kamelot NN technology allows creating many different types of construction materials, including paving slabs, paving stones, borders and curbs, landscape and architectural structures, decorations, facing stone, fences, parapets, tops, poles, window sills, drains, monuments, fireplaces, bas.
  • What is the price of the technology package? What does it include?
    The Kamelot NN company offers 3 types of technology packages: Basic ($1,000 USD), Standard ($2,000 USD) and Complete ($4,000 USD). The Basic technology package includes 2-days technology training, technical documentation on the Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology. The Standard package includes the basic package and initial equipment for production line. The Complete package includes the standard package and 100 square meters of plastic moulds. Kamelot NN recommends its foreign clients to choose the Basic technology package ($1,000 USD) as equipment may be bought in the clients home country. During the training process clients may choose the plastic moulds for their future production line and put up a list of future products with the KamelotNNs experts. The technology training process itself includes: 2 days training in the Kamelot NN office, the technical documentation on the Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology booklet and CD/DVD disks, visit to a local factory working with Kamelot NN technology, online support. Kamelot NN may offer its clients free apartments during the training process.
  • What kind of information is included in the technical documentation for the Concrete Marble technology?
    The technical documentation answers all your questions regarding the technology, it includes: a detailed description of the working and technological process, formulas for calculating raw material components and their detailed description, 35 basic color patterns for your products, a list of the largest suppliers of raw materials for production, a technology of laying paving slabs and facade stone, good quality photos of the finished products to create your catalogues, images of the finished installed products.
  • What production area is required to run the facility?
    The production line requires 50 square meters. Other area may be used for storage and utility rooms.
  • What are the requirements to the production room?
    The room must be supplied with 10 kW of electric power and have optimal temperature of 16-23 C.
  • How many labor/workers are required for 1 production line?
    3 workers are enough to produce 50 square meters of finished products per shift.
  • Is it possible to learn the Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology online?
    Currently Kamelot NN is not offering such opportunity. Clients wish to learn the technology should come to the main office for training Nizhniy Novgorod (6 hours from Moscow), Russia, Manufacturnaya street, 14A, office 315. Kamelot NN gives a helping hand to its customers and supports them during their journey on the Russian Federation. If you need additional information on getting to the main office, please contact our manager.
  • What are the differences between the Concrete Marble technology by Kamelot NN and similar technologies?
    The Concrete Marble vibrocasting technologies offered by other companies may give you almost the same result of the finished products (taking into account that equipment and materials used in both are the same). However, the Concrete Marble technology from Kamelot NN uses different equipment and materials thus helping save initial capital and save money on production materials. Other vibrocasting technologies use special mixer with blades which is expensive and difficult to maintain and repair. For materials they use only sand and cement for initial materials. The Concrete Marble vibrocasting technology from Kamelot NN uses round-shape mixer without blades, which is cheaper, easy to maintain. For materials you need sand, cement and gravel mix (or other small rocks). The cost of equipment used by other technologies is 2-3 times higher and requires more time for maintenance procedures.
  • I want to learn the Concrete Marble Kamelot NN technology and run my factory, how do I start?
    Please, contact our manager ( or Skype: kamelot-nn or ICQ 671-395-153). We will give you more information on the technology, training process and travelling to Kamelot NN office.
  • For what kind of technologies Kamelot NN moulds may be used for?
    Kamelot NN plastic moulds may work fine with the following: sistrom, kevlarconcrete (kevlarobeton), ultraconcrete (ultrabetona), granila, high-strength concrete, elastobeton.
  • What allows creating a glossy surface on finished products?
    The glossy surface is created by the plastic mould texture. Kamelot NN has different kinds of plastic moulds that allow you to create either glossy or matted products. Now Kamelot NN may also provide you with double-texture moulds allowing to combine glossy and matted products.
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