Мрамор из бетона по технологии КамелотНН



Kevlar concrete is an absolutely new, ultramodern, super strong material used by us to manufacture paving slab, facade stone, fences, edgestones, fire places and other small architectural forms. What is the difference between our products out of Kevlar concrete and the similar products made out of usual concrete? In comparison to the usual concrete products manufactured by vibratory casting process, the products out of Kevlar concrete differ with better ornamentality and physical and mechanical properties. The Kevlar concrete technology has been worked out based on the principally new decisions in the field of manufacturing the architectural concrete using vibratory casting method. Application of new shaping equipment which does not have analogues allows to obtain the products with outstanding physical and mechanical properties. The surface of casting differs with high gloss and perfect density. But it should be separately pointed out that apart from the overall dimensions and area of the element being casted it is possible to get the colour range of different complexity imitating in such a way the surface of any artificial or natural material from plastic to a complex pattern of malachite. The innovative policy in manufacturing the products out of Kevlar concrete resulted in the fact that the products offered have strong physical and mechanical characteristics combining the high values of the strong properties (strength for compression class is from В40 and higher which corresponds to marks as per strength М600-М1200 and higher) with the required figures of construction-technical properties including water resistance W15 and higher, frost resistance F700 and higher, wearability max. 0,2-0,3 g/cm2 water absorption 0,5-1,0 wt %, high resistance to penetration of chlorides, high gas-resistance, regulated strain capacity values (including compensation of concrete shrinkage in the age of 14-28 days of natural curing). When buying any goods we always think about its cost, aesthetic properties, about comfort, which the purchased product creates, and about the way to impress the people around us. If you wish any elements made out of Kevlar concrete can gleam in the dark !!!


One area is paved by a typical "brick" type slab of monotonous grey colour (for some reasons grey is a widespread colour).

The other is covered with a complex tasteful mosaic. You can see outlandish birds and animals, fish and fabled beings cut out of the semiprecious stones in the captivating ornamental scripts.

Using high technologies and knowledge of the principles of "mosaic ornament" our company gives you the new directions in the field of floor covering.

The surface paved by the paving slabs out of the collection "Mosaic ornament" is a complex in its geometric design but simple in performing drawing.

In comparison with the usual paving slabs, "Mosaic ornament" slabs have a number of advantages. The geometry of the slabs "Mosaic ornament" excludes mistakes when assembling the covering. It is necessary only to watch that the slabs laid near each other were tight between the edges of the bases.

The assembled area does not need the fastest fixing as the "Mosaic ornament slabs" cannot splay from each other due to the coupling locks (groove principle).

Технология «Кевларобетон» - цех Технология «Кевларобетон» - окатыши Технология «Кевларобетон» - форма Технология «Кевларобетон» - готовое изделие


No Designation of the figures Units As per requirements
of GOST 1760891
1 Class (mark) of the concrete of the products as per compression strength kg/cm2 B22,5-B30 (300 - 500) B45 (min 600)
2 Class of concrete as per freeze resistance (in sols) - F200 F 700
3 Water absorption % 5 0,5
4 Wearing off (GOST 13015.0) g/cm2 0,9-0,7 0,2
5 Deviation of geometric parameters: length, width, thickness mm ±5 ±1
6 Cement-water ratio (c/w) % 45 17
7 Category of the surface - A6 A0
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