Мрамор из бетона по технологии КамелотНН


Basic Principles of the Process

"Kamelot" company offers the process of the production of ornamental facade-and-interior cladding stone, paving-and-stone materials and ornamental elements, fire places, fences.

The products are formed by vibratory casting in plastic forms. The structure of shape-generating facilities allows to produce the items with different geometry and reproduce any drawing on their surface, including the structure of natural stone. The process and the compositions of the concrete mixtures are uniformed in order to achieve high production values keeping the quality of the products issued.

Requirements to the production room and the number of personnel:

No Value Unit Figure
1 Capacity m2/shift 40-50
2 Required production areas m2 100
3 Height of the production rooms m 2,5
4 Open storing area m2 50
5 Set power (heating is not considered) kW 3-5
6 Number of the production personnel people 2-3
7 Water supply, (water consumption per a shift) l 30

Any people can gain this process even if they have never had any experience of working with concrete. The process of actions are simple which allows the former doctor, military man, engineer, etc. to start manufacturing. Nevertheless there exists a number of "know-how" which define the specific features of the production process.

Description of the purchase process

  • Arrival in Nizhni Novgorod. You meet at trains on platform at your car, at a help bureau of the airport, or meeting at an input(entrance) in office at independent arrival under the preliminary arrangement.
  • Acquaintance to technology. Survey of an exhibition. Visiting of an industrial site.
  • Taking the decision.
  • Choice of Assortment and definition of quantity of the equipment.
  • Signing the contract and Confidentiality Agreement regarding the non-disclosure of the process information.
  • Issuing the invoice. Any form of payment: in Russian roubles, euros, dollars according to the rate of exchange of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • Practical training (obligatory) on the territory of the production site within min. 2 working shifts (accommodation in one of the hotels).
  • Theoretical training within one day.
  • Shipping and importation of the equipment.
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