Мрамор из бетона по технологии КамелотНН


The process package includes:

  • technical documentation;
  • program-and-technical products;
  • training of the client’s personnel at the production site;
  • supporting of the production process.

Additional payment for interpreter services 100 $

Technical documentation:

  • Process procedure for the production of decorative stone and paving-and-stone materials, fences and fire places.
    • Requirements to the production rooms.
    • The diagram of the production room.
    • The list of equipment.
    • The number of personnel.
    • The characteristic of the products.
    • Requirements to the quality of the material.
    • The composition of concrete mixtures.
    • The process of decorative stone and paving stone manufacturing.
    • Process recommendations for painting the concrete products.
    • The diagrams and the composition of the painting of decorative stone (separately for each collection).
    • Recommendations for storing and operation of decorative stone and paving materials.
  • The diagram of the production site.
  • Standard forms of the technical conditions and the quality certificate of the products issued.
  • Standard contract of supply of decorative stone and paving materials.
  • Process recommendations for laying the decorative stone and paving materials.
  • The diagram of activity.
  • The drawings of equipment.

Program-and-technical products:

  • Computer program:
    • Calculation of the number of components for any volume of load or order (separately for each collection);
    • Calculation of net cost and profit of production;
    • Completing the price list.

Training of the specialists:

"Kamelot" company being the manufacturer of decorative stone and paving materials, fences and fire places carryies out training at their own production site. The training is held for all the stages of the production procedure. During this process it is allowed to take photos and record video. The time of training is adapted for the trainee taking into account his ability to accept the material.

Accompanying of the production process:

So far the complete gaining of the production process of decorative stone and paving materials, fences, and fire places is impossible within a short time frame, "Kamelot" company performs the accompanying of the production process during 1 year from the moment of signing the contract for process forwarding.

Accompanying is carried out:

  • by means of telephone, fax;
  • by internet;
  • a specialist’s trip (the Client pays all the expenses connected with this trip under a separate contract).
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